Monday, 16 January 2012

Hello world

So in case we've never met you probably wont know anything about The Blue Light District.  In February 2005, Simon was made redundant from a job at an Internet estate agent and started a mission to change the music industry which eventually proved to be like trying to slay dragons, in that dragons are both fierce and non-existent.  In the process of offering websites to bands, the opportunity came along to create

So what has this got to do with anything? Well, we started to become known more for our web skills than first imagined and there came a point where it was just more of a stable living and eventually that's all we did.  But we were now working with all kinds of people and not just musicians and some people were either scared of their first impressions or at the very least confused so we changed our name and re branded to fit our mission of creating brilliant websites tailored to the clients' needs.

The reason we changed was that we recognised that our brand just wasn't right for what we were currently doing, which after years of history and growing accustomed to its face, wasn't an easy decision. We're sure though it was the right one and we're as excited as the Nintendo-sixty-four-kids to be moving up to the next level.

If this was He-Man then I suppose Man-At-Arms would be telling us that "Today's lesson was that you should always know when to be critical of what you are doing. Being excited enough to do is one thing but know when you are wrong and don't keep doing things exactly the same just because that's what you've been doing all along."

At which point many politcal tangents could be made but for now let's just say see you soon.